Four Iranian Baha'i citizens from Shiraz, Negar Ghaderi Sadi, Moin Misaghi, Hayedeh Forootan and his son, Mehran Mosalanejad, are still being held in solitary confinement in Shiraz Police Detention Center 201 a month after their arrests. So far, the authorities have not given a clear answer to the detainees’ families on either the charges or why they have been kept in custody so long.

Around noon on Wednesday, September 22, Shiraz intelligence agents descended on Moin Misaghi's house and ransacked the property, spilling a bowl of hot soup on his one-and-a-half-year-old baby's feet, causing the child to suffer burns. After turning the place upside down, they arrested Moin Misaghi.

At Negar Ghaderi’s house, officers confiscated cell phones, tablets, satellite dishes and several prayer books, and arrested the 59-year-old Baha'i citizen where she stood. At the time Ghaderi was undergoing nutritional therapy for a gastric illness and severe osteoporosis. Due to missing the designated meals, she is now suffering from severe heartburn in prison and will need medical treatment if the situation continues.

On the same day, agents went to the house of Hayedeh Forootan and her son, Mehran Mosalanejad, and on finding Hayedeh was not at home, they summoned both her and her son to the local intelligence office. Both were detained on arrival.

The same four Baha'is were subjected to raids on their homes and the confiscation of their property last April. As well as electronic equipment, officers impounded items of a personal nature, and religious books and pictures.

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