Severe Water Crisis in Yazd 

Yazd: November 27, 2018

Many Iranian provinces continue to face serious water crises, and the central province of Yazd is one of the worst hit. Now a leading a local water supplier has warned that if the situation continues, people will be forced to migrate out of the province.

Toward the end of November, news emerged that the pipe transporting water from Isfahan province to Yazd province has broken down for the 25th time.

Mohammad Mehdi Javadianzadeh, the CEO of Yazd’s Water Company, warned of water mismanagement in the province, giving the example of the death of all the pistachio trees in one area after the water shortage led to a huge increase in the salinity of the province’s water resources.

Around half of Yazd’s water is supplied by the province of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari through Isfahan. But all three provinces have been suffering from drought and in recent years there have been reports of people clashing over access to water.  


Shortage of Blood Supplies in Sistan and Baluchistan

Sistan and Baluchistan: November 27, 2018

Health officials have appealed to residents of the province of Sistan and Baluchistan to donate blood amidst an ongoing shortage in blood supplies that could put the lives of patients at risk.

Sohaila Khosravi, a health official in charge of blood supplies, said the situation was critical and people could save lives by donating blood.


According to official estimates, the province needs at least 400 units of blood a day. Over the last seven months, 39,000 units were donated in the province, but 62,533 units were actually in demand during that period. Khosravi said that people of the province have been generous in their donations, but more was needed because donations from other provinces had dwindled.


Not Enough Paper to Issue Driver Licenses

Hamadan: November 26, 2018

The province of Hamadan does not have enough “special paper” to issue driver licenses on time, Colonel Ali Fekri, the head of the provincial Traffic Police, announced recently. He said that the police are required by law to issue driver licenses within a week of an application being accepted, but at the present time it is taking approximately a month to issue the driving permits. He added that the problem was not confined to Hamadan and was affecting provinces, but stopped short of citing any reason for the paper shortage.


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