Iranian Protesters: Death to High Prices!

July 31, 2018
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On July 31, protests broke out in Isfahan, Karaj and Rasht over high prices, soaring inflation and unemployment.

“Death to high prices,” “Death to unemployment,” “Death to the dictator,” “Reza Shah, bless your soul,” and “Incompetent officials, resign, resign" were among the slogans demonstrators shouted out.

In Isfahan, a group of business owners and goods drivers poured into the streets of Amir Kabir industrial district to protest against rampant inflation and unemployment.

On Tuesday the streets of Karaj, especially in the area of Gohar Dasht, were also the scenes of protests over high prices and inflation, and eyewitnesses posted videos of demonstrations online.

“People beg while the Leader reigns” could be heard on the streets in Karaj, along with “Unemployment, inflation — not bearable anymore.” In Rasht, protesters chanted “Death to high prices” and “No fear, no fear, we are all together here.”

Numerous videos of the protests have been posted on social media, and some of the clips clearly show the large presence of anti-riot police units and plainclothes agents. There were some reports that plainclothes agents had resorted to violence, beating up and injuring a number of demonstrators.

Reports from some central areas of Tehran say that large numbers of police forces had been deployed or given notice that they might be required to deal with the protests.

Many people also went on to social media to urge more people to join them on the streets on Tuesday afternoon and to show their anger over the continued high prices.

In the last several months, the Iranian economy has been in a state of shock from the sudden surge of hard currency prices and the unprecedented plunge in the value of the Iranian rial.

The latest protests follow a recent demonstration staged by business owners in Tehran bazaar. Shopkeepers in other towns also closed up their businesses to demonstrate against economic instability.

There were also unconfirmed reports of smaller protests in Shiraz.  



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Iranian Protesters: Death to High Prices!