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ISIS Claims Responsibility for Ahvaz Terror Attack

September 24, 2018
1 min read
Both ISIS and Al-Ahwaz claimed responsibility for the attack
Both ISIS and Al-Ahwaz claimed responsibility for the attack

Yesterday, September 23, ISIS posted a video online that claims to show Ahvaz terrorists taking oaths of allegiance and preparing their wills.

ISIS had earlier taken credit for the September 22 attack, but the spokesman for the Arab separatist group the Al-Ahwaz Liberation Movement had also made the same claim.

ISIS also stated that at the time of the attack, President Rouhani was in Ahvaz. However, this claim turned out to be false, leading to doubts about the legitimacy of the video ISIS published.

The first doubt arises from the fact that the individuals seen in the video are dressed differently than the gunmen who were killed during the attack. In addition, ISIS did not release the names of the assailants and nothing in the video connects them to the group. By contrast, Al-Ahwaz released the name of the four killed: Javad Kazem Al-Sari, Ahmad Al-Mansouri, Mahmoud Al-Mansouri and Adel Al-Badvi.

Nevertheless, two of the men who appear in the ISIS video resemble two of the gunmen who were killed, making the evaluation of the claims more difficult.




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