Qom’s representative to parliament has announced that 50 people have died from coronavirus in the province in the last week.

"Qom is not doing well in terms of the spread of coronavirus and I think the government's performance in controlling the virus has failed," Ahmad Amirabadi Farahani said.

"Currently nurses do not have the proper quarantine clothing and are suffering from fear and anxiety while treating patients," he added. "There are many problems for nurses and there are few facilities to deal with it. Qom also faces a shortage of laboratory kits.”

The member of parliament said an average of 10 people had died in Qom each day since the outbreak and said “the health minister is to blame for this situation."

He announced that there are more than 250 people currently in quarantine and said “there are not enough facilities in Qom,” adding that basic supplies to help people protect themselves from the virus had not been made available.  “Some pharmacies don't even have masks,” he said.

"None of the prominent ayatollahs had any objection to the closure of the shrine because it is a matter of people's lives,” he said, referring to the shrine of the sister of the eighth Shia Imam in Qom.

"Four lung specialists have been sent to Qom hospitals in the past 48 hours,” he said, adding that they had since left the city. 

The Deputy Health Minister Ahmed Harirchi rejected Amirabadi Farahani’s claims. "If the number of deaths is half or even a quarter of what this MP says, I will resign,” he stated.

In response, Ahmad Amiri Farahani announced that he had given the names of those who died in Qom to Harirchi and that he was now awaiting the official’s resignation.

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