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Israel Launches Fresh Attacks on Iranian Militias in Syria

September 1, 2020
1 min read
Israel Launches Fresh Attacks on Iranian Militias in Syria

On the evening of Monday, August 31, Israeli warplanes fired missiles targeting an area near the Syrian capital Damascus and locations held by Syrian regime forces in Daraa governorate in the south of the country.

IranWire Syrian Umar Al-Ahmad correspondent said the Israeli aircraft targeted a meeting that was taking place between Iranian and Syrian officers from the 66th Brigade of the 1st Division of the Syrian Army.


IranWire's correspondent in southern Syria, Taym Al-Ahmad, also reported that Israeli warplanes had targeted the Namer Brigade [Kutaybat Shuhada Namer] in western Daraa, a weapons depot belonging to the 12th Brigade and the 175th Regiment near Izra in eastern Daraa, as well as an air defense battalion in Tal Mahajjah in the north of the governorate. 

The official Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), confirmed on its Facebook page that Israeli aircraft targeted military sites in southern Syria, killing two and wounding seven soldiers.

In June, a squadron of Israeli aircraft launched airstrikes targeted Iranian militia and Syrian regime force military locations northwest of Hama and defense laboratories near the village of Al-Zawi in the Masyaf area. 

Syria has accused Israel of carrying out at least seven airstrikes in the last two months alone, which are believed to have targeted the interests of Iran and its proxies.

Throughout 2020, Israel has stepped up its targeting of military areas controlled by the Syrian regime and Iranian militias, especially surrounding the capital Damascus and Homs governorate.

Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett has threatened Iran, pledging to continue military operations against it in Syria until its forces leave the country.

Bennett said Iran had interfered in Syria since the war broke out in 2011 and Israel was putting an end to it. “There is nothing for Iran in Syria. We will not stop until the Iranians leave Syria.”


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