Khuzestan Cracks Down on Bitcoin Mining

January 19, 2021
1 min read

The CEO of Khuzestan Power Distribution Company has announced the discovery of 221 illegal bitcoin mining machines in the province.

Ali Khedri said a "nationwide energy consumption management operation" had been launched due to gas fuel restrictions in Iran with the aim of "disconnecting illegal outlets, modifying street lighting and identifying and collecting cryptocurrency mining centers." The operation took place in Khuzestan over two days.

Khedri said that six unauthorized centers and 221 digital currency extraction devices were discovered during inspections carried out in the province. He added that the total power consumption of the devices was 530kW.

Khedri also stressed the need to maximize the efficiency of electricity and gas consumption by companies and hospitals and the use of diesel generators, and to ensure that electrical equipment and heating systems are turned off and use the minimum standard lighting after business hours.

In recent weeks, widespread power and gas outages in various cities have resulted in the closure of numerous companies and factories, sparking protests.

The secretary of the Cement Industry Employers' Association said that at least 77 cement factories remained closed due to power outages. Abdul Reza Sheikhan said most of the cement factories in the country have been completely cut off and there is currently no cement output.


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Khuzestan Cracks Down on Bitcoin Mining