Rocket Attack Targets Erbil Airport in Baghdad

April 15, 2021
1 min read

At least one rocket struck Erbil International Airport in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region late last night, local counter-terrorism forces have confirmed.

The attack took place in the late hours of Wednesday, April 14 and saw a fire break out in the airport compound, which also houses troops from the US-led coalition.

Sources in the Asayish, the Kurdish internal security forces, confirmed to IranWire that the fire broke out in the cargo section.

Local authorities in Erbil ordered the airport closed immediately after the attack and no-one is thought to have been injured. A warning siren also sounded at the US consulate in Erbil.

US forces at the base in Erbil have been targeted by rocket strikes in the past, which are often attributed to Iran-backed militias in the region.

On February 15 rocket strikes on the airport led to the death of a non-American contractor. In the days that followed, rockets were also fired at a base hosting US forces and near the US Embassy in Baghdad.

A group calling itself the Awliya al-Dam (Guardians of the Blood) Brigades claimed responsibility for the attack in mid-February, saying it was targeting the “American occupation” in Iraq.



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Rocket Attack Targets Erbil Airport in Baghdad