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Ex-Intelligence Minister: Israeli Infiltration So Deep All Officials Should "Fear for Their Lives"

June 29, 2021
1 min read
Ex-Intelligence Minister: Israeli Infiltration So Deep All Officials Should "Fear for Their Lives"

Israeli infiltration in Iran is so deep that all officials of the Islamic Republic ought to fear for their lives, former Intelligence Minister Ali Younesi has claimed.

In an interview with Jamaran News, Younesi blamed the rivalry between parallel intelligence agencies for Mossad’s alleged gains inside Iran: “Instead of fighting against this infiltration, new and parallel organizations in the Ministry of Intelligence are engaged in containing and fighting against insiders. The field is wide open to spy agencies from around the world. Today, we have to worry about anything that happens, anywhere.”

Without naming the entities he was referring to, Younesi insisted: “The parallel activities and rivalries must end. Fighting against these incursions must be the priority for our domestic intelligence services, not fighting domestic critics and protesters.”

In the past year Mossad has been unilaterally blamed for a series of explosions at Iranian strategic and nuclear sites, as well as the assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, known as the “father” of Iran’s secret nuclear program, in November 2020. The Israeli intelligence service does not publicly comment on operations and has not claimed responsibility for any of the incidents.

Besides Younesi, a number of other former Islamic Republic officials have also warned against widespread Israeli infiltration of Iranian intelligence organizations. On June 11, former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claimed the Intelligence Ministry’s top official in charge of fighting Israeli spies had turned out to be an Israeli spy himself.

The Islamic Republic has 15 intelligence and security agencies that reportedly work under the guidance of an entity called the Intelligence Coordination Council.


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