Demonstrations over the water crisis in Khuzestan took place in several cities in the Iranian province for the seventh night in a row on Wednesday. Videos posted online also showed security forces again opening fire on civilian protesters.

Last night Iranians in other cities outside the province also again held rallies in support of their countrymen and women in Khuzestan. In the city of Sheyban, Sistan and Baluchistan province, police responded to the rallies with gunfire.

In the Khuzestani city of Masjed Soleyman, protesters also called on other Iranians to rise up, chanting slogans such as "Iranians, show your zeal." Similar calls were heard on the road from Ahvaz to Shush.

In the city of Susangerd, a heavy security presence still prevails. Riot police have been deployed to the city streets and local sources say dozens of people have been detained since last Friday.

The situation is similar in the city of Behbahan. “In the streets,” one source on the ground told IranWire, “Basij forces have set up checkpoints, and it’s said there were clashes between protesters and security forces between Shiraz Square and Mohseni Square. A large number of protesters were arrested there.”

Solidarity protests have also spread into Iran’s central regions. On Wednesday night people gathered in Yazdanshahr, Isfahan, to show their support. They also chanted anti-government slogans, including "Reza Shah, may God bless you" and "I will kill the one who killed my brother."

The atmosphere in Tehran was similarly security-dominated on Wednesday, with riot police stationed on the northern side of Azadi Square.

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