1988 Mass Executions: The Graveyard after 30 Years

August 28, 2018
1 min read

In 1988, toward the end of the Iran-Iraq War, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini ordered the secret mass execution of thousands of Iranian political prisoners. Most were leftists, and many were members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization (MEK). Many of them were buried in Khavaran Cemetery in eastern Tehran. The victims were buried in unmarked graves. Some of the families brought their own gravestones for their loved ones to the cemetery, but very soon after, authorities removed them.

Friday, August 24 was the 30th anniversary of the mass executions. Despite intimidation from officials, some family members dared to visit the graveyard where their loved ones are buried.


Photographs from the Twitter page of Bahareh Monshi, the daughter of one of the victims



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August 27, 2018
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1988 Mass Executions: The Graveyard after 30 Years