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Screams, Tear Gas Smoke And Curses: Scenes Of Violence In Central Tehran

December 8, 2022
2 min read
Security forces member in Enghelab Street.
Security forces member in Enghelab Street.

Sanaz Javaheri, citizen journalist

At the entrance of Tehran’s Englebal metro station, several people are screaming; one is moaning in pain, another is cursing in loud voice and a third is shouting, "Don't hit her, bastard, don’t hit her, let her go".

People trapped inside the station start yelling, "Let her go, let her go".

A tear gas canister falls among the people. Some run toward the stairs, some crouch by the wall and cover their faces, some quickly light a cigarette. Then sounds of coughing and cursing come from the crowd.

Tear gas smoke fills the air in Enghelab Street; the eyes are red and wet.

Groups of motorcyclists wearing anti-riot guard uniforms are moving toward Azadi Square. One of them shouts, "Go home". Several other agents simultaneously and for no reason start shooting bullets at passers-by.

People scream and curse while taking shelter behind a wall or inside shops.

Most of the women do not wear a hijab and small groups of young girls stand out with well-groomed hair.

The number of security forces is high. On the sidewalk, groups of plainclothes agents and other security forces in uniform walk among the crowd, stare at people’s faces, suddenly push a young person against the wall and surround him.

Tehran University is under siege and a long line of security forces are standing by its fences between Enghelab Street and 16 Azar Street. Their numbers are constantly increasing. The university looks deserted, and it seems that the security guards are afraid of the university’s empty buildings.




"Since My Arrest, They Say They’ll Execute Me", Iranian Sentenced To Death Says

December 8, 2022
Shima Shahrabi
4 min read
"Since My Arrest, They Say They’ll Execute Me", Iranian Sentenced To Death Says