Shot Protester's Mother Shahnaz Akmali Reveals Fresh Raid on Family Home

February 22, 2022
1 min read

The mother of a young man killed in Iran’s 2009 pro-democracy protests has gone public about a recent raid on her home by as-yet unidentified security forces. Shahnaz Akmali, whose son Mostafa Karimbeigi was shot dead on the streets of Tehran on December 27 that year, said in a short video message that four male officers and one woman had ransacked their home, confiscating all their electronic devices and pictures they had kept of the uprisings.

Maryam Karimbeigi, Mostafa’s sister, was also summoned to appear before Evin Prison Court on February 27 on unknown charges. The family have been the repeated targets of raids and spurious legal action in a bid to shut them up ever since Mostafa died, with Akmali sentenced to a year’s imprisonment and travel ban in 2017 on the official charge of “propaganda against the regime”. She was summoned to serve her sentence in 2020.

In her latest post, Akmali said her family had been “persecuted” for the last 12 years for speaking out about what happened to Mostafa. Addressing the agents who attacked their home, she said: “Your commander [Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei], has said he won’t allow one mother to shed tears. But you have brought thousands of mothers to tears.”


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Shot Protester's Mother Shahnaz Akmali Reveals Fresh Raid on Family Home