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Speaking of Iran

Wife of Imperial Beach man arrested in Iran recalls suspicious behavior

January 28, 2019
Speaking of Iran
1 min read
Wife of Imperial Beach man arrested in Iran recalls suspicious behavior

On January 7, IranWire reported that Michael White, a United States citizen from San Diego county, was being held in an Iranian jail. The news emerged after a former prisoner who had been in the same prison as White spoke to IranWire about the ex-US Navy officer’s predicament. 

White had traveled to Iran to visit his Iranian girlfriend, as he had done in the past. But this time, as he prepared to leave the country, authorities arrested him at the airport.

Now White’s former wife has spoken to San Diego local news outlet ABC 10 News about White’s behavior in the run-up to his arrest in July, and her concern for her former husband, writes Lauren Davis for 10 News


The wife of the Imperial Beach man arrested in Iran says her husband had odd behavior before he left to visit his mistress.

Michael White left unexpectedly in the middle of the night last July, something he had done every July for six years. Except for this time, he didn’t come home.

His wife, Guadalupe White, says Michael bought a shredder and destroyed documents before his departure. When she asked him about it, she says he told her to mind her own business.

Guadalupe, who took care of Michael during six months of chemotherapy before he left, says he also had two cell phones, including one which used Arabic. She says her husband spent a lot of time on the computer and received new credit cards. She also told 10News she found an interesting list of goals.

“He said, 'my goals are paying my bills and saving money. I want to go and marry my Iranian girlfriend and leave.' He wanted to live there and never come back to the U.S.,” said Guadalupe.


Read the full story from ABC 10 News 

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