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Man Arrested for Filming Coronavirus Victims in a Morgue

March 4, 2020
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A man who posted a video of bodies at a cemetery morgue on social media has been arrested by judicial authorities.

The video, which was published online on March 4, showed the dead bodies of people thought to have died from coronavirus, or COVID-19, at Behesht-e Masoumeh cemetery in Qom.

The deputy prosecutor of Qom announced the arrest, saying that the man had taken footage of the morgue without a permit.

The judge added that a case had been filed against him after his arrest.

"Anyone who publishes fake or unauthorized news or images about coronavirus and disturbs the mental security of the community is guilty [of a crime] and will be dealt with decisively," he said.

The holy city of Qom has been the epicenter of Iran’s coronavirus outbreak. 


These are the bodies that have been brought here this morning. Unfortunately the number of bodies is huge — no matter how we try, it never ends. They are all infected with coronavirus and they should be washed. 

Here is another room. If you add all these corpses... these corpses are from five or six days ago. This is someone from the Khosroshahi family. The body has been left here for several days and has not yet been dealt with. The situation is calamitous. May God help us through this.




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Man Arrested for Filming Coronavirus Victims in a Morgue