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An IranWire Film: A Chronology of Coronavirus in Iran

June 11, 2020
22 min read

Why has the coronavirus pandemic in Iran claimed so many lives? IranWire looks at 44 days that changed Iran, and the lies Iranian leaders told the people of the country, and the world. 

Four factors contributed to the spread of the virus:

  • The Iranian regime’s insistence on celebrating the 41st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution on February 11, complete with mass gatherings
  • The regime's insistence on holding parliamentary elections 10 days later, allowing large queues to form at polling stations
  • The fact that the first cases of coronavirus appeared in Qom, Iran’s most important religious city
  •  Iran’s economic, political and military reliance on China

IranWire reviews officials' repeated refusal to acknowledge the threat of COVID-19, the government's disinformation campaign, and its incompetence in dealing with the situation once the pandemic took hold. 



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June 11, 2020
Arash Azizi
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An IranWire Film: A Chronology of Coronavirus in Iran