Infiltration: The Fourth Installment in the “Sedition” Movie Franchise

November 6, 2015
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Infiltration: The Fourth Installment in the “Sedition” Movie Franchise

Sharagim Zand on a fantasy world only the Islamic Republic could envision

It appears that the saga of “the Sedition,” which started after the 2009 presidential election, is not yet over — and will not be over any time soon. Apparently, an agreement has been reached to produce and screen yet another installment of this popular movie franchise, which will continue to entertain the public for a long, long time.

The new installment, coming to screens at the Islamic Republic Theater this year, is called “Sedition 4: The Infiltration”. Revolutionary Guards’ commander General Mohammad Ali Jafari launched the film at its grand opening.

 The plot is as follows.

Western countries, led by the criminal USA and the wily England, have got nowhere using their previous intrigues. Even in the nuclear negotiations, they were outsmarted and defeated by the insight and the might of our Islamic system. So now they’ve changed tactics, and want to infiltrate our sacred system. But the vigilance of our Holy Warriors has exposed the plot. Every hole that could be used by the West to infiltrate the Islamic Republic will now be plugged.

We don’t want to spoil the ending, so we will say no more. Soon, you too can watch the heroic operations of the agents of the Revolutionary Guards, the anonymous holy warriors, the noble judiciary — and of course the very dignified newspaper Kayhan. You can watch all of them confront those the West wants to use to infiltrate the system. They are the usual suspects or, perhaps I should say the permanent convicts. They are — of course — the journalists, the critics and the social and political activists.

Of course, Operation Western Infiltration is vast, and not limited to the above-mentioned cases. To make you understand the enormity of this operation, it would help you to know that just a few days ago, the anonymous holy warriors successfully identified and neutralized an eatery offering fried chicken. It was trying to win over and infiltrate our God-fearing youngsters by adding the prefix “halal” to its original brand name, which is, unashamedly an American brand. To prove the evil intentions of the West, it is enough to say that the operators of this so-called “halal” eatery opened their American fast-food restaurant only a few days after the holy days of Muharram, when the bellies of our youngsters were still filled with the aroma of votive dishes — so that they could wash away the holy food from their untainted stomachs and pollute them with American fried chicken, thus preparing the ground for their infiltration.

No matter what, there is one everybody must know: At a certain juncture, instead of delivering its usual slogans and boasts, the Islamic Republic sat behind the negotiating table, talked about important issues with its historic enemies and even showed a heroic flexibility. But this does not mean that its might has diminished, or that the principles of the Islamic Revolution have changed whatsoever. Forget about the negotiations. You will see the might of the system and its unwavering commitment to its principles in “Sedition 4: The Infiltration”— now showing on the big screen of the Islamic Republic Theater. The Western spies and its infiltration agents are being arrested one by one, and very soon, you can watch their TV confessions too. 

American flags will still be set on fire, to provide special effects for the movie. And the door to Halal KFC will be sealed in less than a few hours, with plenty of commotion — no matter how much it insists in presenting evidence that it is not related to the American KFC brand, but is actually part of a Turkish franchise. Then everybody will know what to expect, especially those who, following on from the flexibility seen in the nuclear negotiations, hoped for and expected a similar flexibility at home.

The Islamic regime got a beating on the street and now it has come back home. God have mercy on its residents.


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