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Acid Attack Victim Dies

April 16, 2015
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Acid Attack Victim Dies

A woman whose husband threw acid in her face in 2011 has died after pulmonary complications. Somayeh Mehri died on April 13 in a Tehran hospital four years after the attack that left her disfigured and with severe breathing problems.

According to the Kerman division of the Iranian Students’ News Agency, Mehri’s husband, a drug addict, attacked Mehri and her youngest daughter, Rana, in ther home in Bam county, Kerman province.

Mehri’s condition deteriorated over the last week or so, and she was taken to the hospital and placed under an oxygen tent on Sunday, April 12 after her breathing problems intensified. She is survived by Rana, and her other daughter, Nazanin.

“I am burning, I am burning,” Mehri’s neighbors in the village of Baratabad heard her shout at the time of the attack, according to ISNA. Mehri’s daughter Nazanin witnessed the attack on her mother and sister. “Now they are facing an ambiguous future with a father who made their life miserable,” the report said at the time. “Somayeh and Rana received medical treatment for three months after the attack, but unfortunately they could not continue the treatment due to poverty,” another ISNA report said.

“In court, Somayeh Mehri had asked for the Islamic punishment of retaliation (qesas) for her husband and his brother, who was his accomplice in this crime.” The daughter, Rana, had also requested this form of punishment, which would essentially mean that medical professionals would administer acid so that the father would sustain the same injuries that his wife and daughter suffered. Earlier this year, a similar punishment was handed down in the case of a 2009 acid attack in Qom.

According to ISNA, Mehri’s other daughter, Nazanin, has suffered from “an intense fear of her father and his family” ever since the 2011 attack. There were also reports that Rana has not been informed of her mother's death because she is still a minor.


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