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Cleric Claims Bad Hejab Incites Crime

August 4, 2015
7 min read
Cleric Claims Bad Hejab Incites Crime

Isfahan’s Friday imam has announced that women are responsible for one third of Iran’s crimes.

“Improper hejab and lust” led to a third of the country’s criminal activity, cleric Abolhasan Mahdavi told Fars News Agency at the end of July. “With regard to lust, if women do not make the first attempt and do not give the green light, men will not pay any attention to them. The root of masculine greediness to satisfy his lust through illegitimate relationships lies in women’s improper covering.”

Although Mahdavi, who is also Isfahan’s representative in the country’s influential Assembly of Experts, did not specify what kind of criminal activity he was talking about, his reference to “lust” and male “greediness” suggests he was referring to sexual assaults against women and domestic violence.

The imam said that, by wearing the full Islamic veil, or chador, women could protect themselves and reduce crime. “Proper covering will prevent violation of laws. One third of the crimes committed are due to improper covering, lust and extramarital relationships. That’s why one of the tasks of cultural authorities in government institutes is to familiarize women with the vital importance of wearing the black chador.”

Mahdavi emphasized the link between wearing chador and upholding important societal values. “Some psychologists believe that if women do not wish to spread hurt in society, they should wear chador,” said Mahdavi. “This is an important fact with regard to masculine lust.”

The cleric also told the news agency that women should be fully covered in order to protect the sanctity of marriage. “If women observe proper covering and make a citadel around themselves with a black chador, then men will not be stimulated. Women’s proper covering is the source of strength and solidity of marriage.”

“A great part of marital conflicts will be solved with proper covering,” he said. “Unfortunately, some married women have extramarital relationships. Judging from complaints, the main cause of it is improper covering.


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